White mustard


Sinapis alba L.

A white mustard bred for the nematode market with a high level of resistance

  • Tall and very leafy plants
  • Very fast growing, even at lower temperatures
  • Late flowering with an excellent early vigour
  • Resistant to Heterodera schachtii (Level 2 to BCN)
  • Can help to reduce Rhizoctonia
  • Suitable as a cache crop
  • Vitaro is non-host to:

    • Globodera rostochiensis & G. Pallida (potato cyst nematode)
    • Heterodera avenae (cereal cyst nematode)
    • Heterodera goettingiana (carrot cyst nematode)
    • Meloidogyne naasi (grass root knot nematode)
    • Ditylenchus destructor (destructor nematode)

The varietal parameters may differ from those indicated here when the testing circumstances differ from quondam

Recommended sowing rate: 12-17 kg/ha

Recommended sowing rate when growing for green manure: 20-25 kg/ha