Our certified seed multiplication and preparation service

UAB „Agrolitpa“ is one of the largest producers and processors of organic seeds (of agricultural plants) in Lithuania. We are concerned with wholesale, distribution, export/import, as well as the production and trade of certified organic and conventional seeds of all field crop plants.

Our company cooperates with most prosperous organic farmers in Lithuania and Latvia. The prosperous farmers are engaged in cultivating of common, alternative and other crops. In sustained cooperation with farmers, UAB „Agrolitpa“ annually produces high-quality organic and conventional seeds of various varieties and species (fodder grasses, small and large grain legumes, cereals, oil plants etc.)

UAB „Agrolitpa“, in cooperation with farmers, in Lithuania is an exclusive grower and distributor of specific plant spicy such as buckwheat, linseed, bristle oat, tillage radish, sweet clover, hemp, spelt wheat, rye, etc.

We prefer long term relationship with our customers.