Birdsfoot Trefoil BACO

Lotus corniculatus L.

A birdsfoot trefoil variety resistant to drought and frost, used in special mixtures or mixtures for meadows and pastures

  • Forage perennial grass
  • High frost tolerance and good drought tolerance
  • Rustic and very adaptable to every type of environment and ground, also to barren lands.
  • Used in specialized or in crop mixtures for meadows or mountainous pastures
  • Very adaptable to mixed pasture with grass plants
  • Very useful for mixed forage
  • Animals prefer hay to forage because it is more aromatic, soft and palatable
  • High and easy digestible amount of proteins (up to 15%)

The varietal parameters may differ from those indicated here when the testing circumstances differ from quondam

Recommended sowing rate: 12 kg/ha

Recommended sowing rate when growing for green manure: 14 kg/ha