Cicer arietinum

A medium early highly yielding chickpea with good culinary characteristics

  • Resistant to drought and lodging
  • Yield potency – 2.9 t/ha
  • Plant height – 38-62 cm
  • Stem – erect, leaves – medium size, flowers – white
  • Seed colour – light brown, similar size
  • Seeds contain up to 24.7 % of protein
  • 1000 seed weight – 223-291 g

Soil type is not very important. Seeds germinate wen soil temperature reaches 5°C. Do not accept highly wet soils

Vegetation period is long. Requires warm weather (about 24 °C) at flowering and pod formation periods

Vegetation period (Samara distr., Russia) – 81-116 days

The varietal parameters may differ from those indicated here when the testing circumstances differ from quondam

Seed rate: 50-100 plants/m², or 160-210 kg/ha