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UAB "Agrolitpa" for a long time has collaborated with the best-known breeding companies from Europe and other countries in the world, research institutions in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Finland. This allows to select the most suitable and effective fodder plant varieties that are best adapted to organic or non-organic farming methods, to meet the agro-ecological conditions in Lithuania. In addition, it helps to meet the needs and expectations of the grower. Seed rejuvenation is one of the key means to ensure higher yields and to produce healthier crops.


The main activities of UAB "Agrolitpa"

UAB "Agrolitpa" TRADES the seeds of main fodder plants and cereals, etc.:
  • Seeds of small fodder grain legumes and grasses
  • The mixtures of perennial fodder grasses for various uses
  • Certified cereal seeds (oats, naked oats, barley, wheat, spelta wheat, triticale, and rye)
  • Seeds of other fodder crops:
    • corn (for silage, grain)
    • buckwheat
    • pea (for food or feed)
    • beans
    • vetch (common, hairy, Hungarian)
    • chickpea
    • common lentil
    • narrow-leaved lupine
    • oilseeds (fodder radish, white and brown mustard, rape, rapeseed, linseed, sunflower, hemp seed, dill, soya, caraway)
    • other plants: annual clover, phacelia, coriander, white and yellow sweet clover, etc.
  • Seeds of small fodder grain legumes and grasses for inter-cropping
  • TGS mixtures and plant seeds for green manure
  • Lawn grass seeds and their mixtures
  • Perennial grasses for technogenic zones (slopes, reconstructive zones of roadsides)
UAB "Agrolitpa" IMPLEMENTS the seed multiplication of fodder, oilseeds and cereals:
  • Contracts for seed production and purchasing, trading
  • Development of organic seed multiplication of fodder plants
  • Consultations for fodder meadows establishment, seed multiplication of fodder plants
UAB "Agrolitpa" TRADES (purchases and sells):
  • Raw materials that are grown in organic farms:
    • Organic raw material for human food (production, preparation and export of chickpea, oats, buckwheat, narrow-leaved lupine (only with white seeds), wheat, rye, barley, naked oats, spelta wheat, soya, lentils, peas)
    • Organic and C2 raw material for feed (production, preparation and export of oats, wheat, triticale, rye, barley, lupine, field beans, soya, peas and other raw materials)
    • Oilseeds / spices (production, preparation and export of caraway, white and black mustard, coriander, linseed, rapeseed and hemp seeds)
  • Raw materials grown in conventional farms (caraway, buckwheat, spelta wheat, naked oats)