Phacelia STALA (ORG) LT-EKO-001

Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth.

Produced in Lithuania

A medium early phacelia for honeybees, green manure, and erosion control

  • Utilized as cover crop with anti-erosion effect
  • Honey plant with high level of pollen
  • Suitable for worse soil and climate conditions
  • Very effective part of a crop rotation cycle
  • 1 000 seed weight – 2.4 g
  • A natural insect repellent
  • Very decorative in a garden

The varietal parameters may differ from those indicated here when the testing circumstances differ from quondam

Recommended sowing rate: 16 kg/ha, depth – 1-2 cm

Recommended sowing rate when growing for green manure: 16-20 kg/ha