Mixtures for catch/cover crops – Terra Green Support (TGS) mixtures

TERRA GREEN SUPPORT mixtures – green gold for the soil

The soil is our treasure – it is not only what we stand on, live on, extract our wealth from, drink water from, but it is also a very important tool for agricultural production.

Therefore, every one of us needs to understand that we need to save and even enrich the soil.

In 2012, our company developed and introduced into production the TERRA GREEN SUPPORT (TGS) mixtures, aiming different tasks for soil improvement, and they had proven its worth and has gained the trust of growers. Those four of our TGS mixes are in demand so far.

We are currently offering a much more extensive list of TERRA GREEN SUPPORT (TGS) mixtures for a variety of applications.

TGS plant mixtures have several advantages over single plants grown for green manure/soil conservation and improvement:

  • The amount of biomass and root residues increases
  • A larger and more diverse amount of root residues remaining in the soil promotes the activity of microorganisms and the production of humus
  • The structure of the soil is improved, because the length of the roots of different plant species is different, and this allows plants to penetrate into different layers of the soil and improve its structure, nutrient metabolism, increase moisture absorption, phosphorus mobility, etc.
  • Soil aeration, moisture mobility improves
  • Better yield stability and quality
  • Much more efficient uptake of light, water and nutrients
  • Biodiversity increases
  • Resistance to diseases and pests increases
  • Nutrient loss due to erosion and reduction of soil alkalinity is reduced
  • Shaded weeds
  • Erosion is stopped