Mixtures of flowering plants

Mixtures of flowering plants - FLOWER'S POWER (FP)

Very often we look at nature with dreams to be it as a natural as possible and as close to us as possible. The desire to spend as much time as possible in "green" fresh places attracts more and more people to the nature. We all expect more positive changes in the climate situation as well as in our agricultural landscape. In Lithuania, we have excellent local recreation conditions, and we can change our environment ourselves by planting strips of flowering plants on the roadsides, sides of fields, near homesteads, even as inclusions of maintained lawns, golf courses and parks. It is becoming increasingly important to offer settlements to wild insects and animals, and at the same time you get an aesthetic image and favourable emotions. Tasks of increasing biodiversity is also considered in European Union policies.

We offer you some special mixtures whose plants are suitable for both flying insects and soil inhabitants, and the improvement of soil properties and your emotional state.