Fodder radish VB GAUSIAI

Raphanus sativus var. oleiformis L.

A high yielding fodder radish with perfect resistance to lodging

  • Tall plants
  • Stems are sturdy and branchy
  • The pods do not open at maturity, no seed shattering occurs
  • Suitable as a catch crop when sowing in August
  • Suitable as a fodder crop when sowing in July-early August
  • Green mass is rich in protein, sugar, carotene, microelements
  • Adult plants are very resistant to frosts
  • Seeds could be used for oil production

The varietal parameters may differ from those indicated here when the testing circumstances differ from quondam

Recommended sowing rate when growing for seed production: 10-14 kg/ha, interrow spacing – 12-15 cm

Recommended sowing rate when growing for green manure: 25-30 kg/ha