White clover NEMUNIAI (ORG) LT-EKO-001

Trifolium repens L.

Produced in Lithuania

A medium-early white clover abundant in leaves

  • An intermediate position between the clover strains giganteum and hollandicum
  • Yield of dry matter – 8.2-8.56 t/ha
  • Leaf content DM – 60-80 %
  • Protein content DM – 18.7%
  • Fiber content DM – 20.7%
  • Regenerates very well after intensive grazing
  • Plants are resistant to unfavourable growing conditions
  • Good winter hardiness
  • Resistant to clover rot (Sclerotinia trifoliorum)
  • Flowering start time – at the beginning of June
  • The seeds ripen in the first half of August
  • The seeds are small
  • 1000 seed weight – 0.6-0.8 g
  • Seed yield – 157-351 kg/ha
  • Due to its very good edibility and high feed value (10 points), it is very suitable for establishment of pastures
  • Tolerates low biting and heavy trampling
  • Has high competitive power in grass mixtures
  • Perfectly withstands the competition of grasses, even in the background of more abundant application of nitrogen fertilizers
  • Accumulating nitrogen from the atmosphere and providing it to the grasses grown together
  • With its creeping stems, it strengthens the turf and forms a very dense, trampling-resistant turf

The varietal parameters may differ from those indicated here when the testing circumstances differ from quondam

Recommended sowing rate: 10-15 kg/ha

Recommended sowing rate when growing for green manure: 10-15 kg/ha